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Can Saitama defeat Goku? Saitam vs Goku : Who will win? - Peak Fiction

Can Saitama defeat Goku? Saitam vs Goku : Who will win? - Peak Fiction

Let's find out in a fight between goku from dragon ball and saitama from OPM. Can saitama beat the universe level goku with his serious punches? Lets find out Who will win in a fight between goku and saitama: 


Can Saitama defeat Goku? Saitam vs Goku : Who will win? - Peak Fiction
Strongest ‘hero’ in the show as far as they don't make Blast , a hero who haven't showed up until now, stronger than Saitama. I doubt tho. Even #2 was a joke for Saitama . Saitama tanked Tatsumaki's entire attacks and wasn't even scratched. Not a gag character anymore as enemies of Saitama's tiers are being introduced(God). Defeated another Limiter broken character like himself( Awakened Garou). But it was really simple. 3 serious series moves and a couple of normal moves and Garou got bodied. The same Garou who destroyed every S class heroes at the same time was nothing infront of Saitama.

Here are some feat of Saitama:

  1. Obliterated an alien being with ultimate regeneration hax.
  2. Obliterated Elder centipede with a single punch which Blast failed to do a couple of years back.
  3. Impressed an S class hero Genos the Demon cyborg that he wanted to be Saitama's disciple
  4. Made two S class heroes sense ‘DEATH’ incoming in their brains when Saitama was gonna punch them as they challenged Saitama for a no mercy fight. Saitama didn't connect the punch tho. And had no intention of killing or even hurting them. S class heroes = Genos and Flash.
  5. Impressed S class hero Silverfang by destroying a meteor so easily which no heroes could. Not anyone upto #3. May be #2 Tatsumaki' can stop it with Teleknisis. But she wasn't around.


Can Saitama defeat Goku? Saitam vs Goku : Who will win? - Peak Fiction
Just as a kid, this dude was a monster. Destroyed King piccolo who was moon tier back in the first arc of Dbz. Destroyed Emperor of the universe Frieza with Super Saiyan 1. Frieza can simply place a hand on the ground and blast a planet like fodder without a sweat or energy consumption back then

Some feat of Goku?

  1. Achieved God ki and god state and fought God of destruction Beerus who is one of the strongest of the gods
  2. Achieved the state of Ultra Instinct which even gods struggled to achieve. Of course Beerus already had UI. That's why I stated him as OP.
  3. Mastered Ultra Instinct and caught up with Jiren who is a monster in Dragon ball universe. Jiren was stated as stronger than even a god of destruction and can destroy a Super Saiyan Blue Goku with kaioken × 20 , like a piece of a trash.
  4. His punches against Beerus in his base form caused waves that was gonna collapse the entire universe before Whis , an angel had to stop them.
  5. Knows the technique of teleportation at will or known as instant transmission. Can teleport anywhere, anytime. No matter how far, he can teleport there in a single moment or use it infinite number of times even between a fight.
  6. Goku's intense ki affects Void. When Goku attains Mastered Ultra Instinct he was shaking the entire world of Void and heating it up. And he beat Jiren who overwhelmed time freeze/ time skip itself.

So let's see,


Basically, Goku's simple punches would be superior than Saitama's serious series: serious punch. I don't know if there's a superior attack. Serious table flip and serious headbutt wasn't as powerful as Serious punch I believe. So by feats, Goku is far stronger. But since we don't know his Saitama's potential, we can't be sure.

( It's almost irrelevant to use Dragon ball characters at this point because anyone around or near Goku right now is already multiversal level and can even trancsend time by raw power)

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