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Download Fletro V6.1 paid blogger template for free - Peak Fiction

Looking for a speedy and premium blogger template in 2022? Fletro Blogger Template might be your best bet. Get the paid version for free here - Fletro v6.1 Blogger Template.

Download Fletro V6.1 paid blogger template for free - Peak Fiction

This template is not only fast-loading but also responsive and SEO-friendly, featuring a user-friendly UI Dashboard interface. Suitable for any blog, Fletro Pro is an ideal choice for all website types with its sleek and quick-loading design, reminiscent of Median Ui Blogger Template.

In the latest update, Fletro Pro Template v6.1 introduces several enhancements and new features:

  1. Updated Post Style: All post styles have been revamped, showcasing various types available on the demo page.
  2. New Ad Slot Placement: New additional ad slots, including in-feed ads and anchor ads for mobile displays, have been incorporated. Check the developer's blog for guidelines on activating these ad slots.
  3. Sponsored Special Posts: Manage sponsored posts with ease using a custom post view layout by simply adding the 'Sponsored' label.
  4. New Fresh Looks: The template's appearance has been refreshed, and CSS variables for color make customization a breeze.
  5. Using CSS Variables for Color: In Fletro v6.1, CSS variables: root {} are used to color all elements. Change the template's color effortlessly, especially for AMP users.
  6. Accessible to Change Navigation Links: Edit navigation links directly through the blogger layout, simplifying the process for those less comfortable with HTML editing.
  7. Theme Designer Color Changing Supported: Almost all colors can be changed in the blogger theme designer, including the color of the address bar on mobile.
  8. Easy Share Buttons: In Fletro v6.1, there is a share button at the top of the post and a button to enable pop-ups in the header.
  9. Blogger Comment Popup: This feature, initially available only for iMagz Blogger Templates, has been added to Fletro Blogger Template. Easily disable it if you prefer.
  10. Discus Comments on Scroll: Disqus comments now load automatically when the user scrolls down to the comments section without needing to click the 'Show Comment' button.

If you're interested in trying out Fletro v6.1, check the demo link below, get your hands on this premium theme, click the download button.

Demo Download

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