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Permanently activate dark mode in Jago Desain Themes | Peak Fiction

Welcome back to Peak Fiction! And also to the series of Today, we're diving into a tutorial on activating dark mode permanently in JagoDesain Themes. If you're a fan of dark mode and those stylish dark-themed colors, you're in the right place. Let's explore how to set dark mode as the default in JagoDesain's Themes, including Median UI, Fletro Pro, and iMagz. If you're ready to give your theme a sleek, dark makeover, let's get started with the step-by-step guide! How to Activate Dark Mode Permanently In JagoDesain Themes.

How to Activate Dark Mode Permanently In JagoDesain Themes

Permanently Activate dark mode in JagoDesain Themes

Follow these simple steps to permanently use dark mode in your blogger theme, making light mode an alternative:

Step 1:

Log in to your Blogger Dashboard. Than Click on "Theme". Next to the 'customize' button, click the arrow-down icon.Than select "Edit HTML" to access the editing page.

Step 2:

Now search the code <body> and paste the given Code just below it.

<b:class name='drK'/>

Step 3:

Now I have marked some parts of the codes below that you need to replace with the new one, Now find the below code by clicking Ctrl + F and replace the previous code with the new code.

Find this:

document.querySelector('#mainCont').classList.add('drK') : document.querySelector('#mainCont').classList.remove('drK')

Replace with:

document.querySelector('#mainCont').classList.remove('drK') : document.querySelector('#mainCont').classList.add('drK')

So this is how you can change to dark Mode in any jago desain blogger themes permanently instead of Clicking on dark mode button. This method allows you to make dark mode the default and have light mode as an alternative in your theme. Hope you liked it. Please do comment if you have any other quires.

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