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How to Add a Reaction Button on Blogger With ShareThis

How to Put Reaction Buttons on Blogger Posts with ShareThis 

If you talk about reaction buttons on blog posts, it's definitely familiar to blogger friends. You can install the reaction button, which is depicted with a happy to annoyed emoji, on the blog that you manage, the purpose of which is of course to find out visitors' feedback when they finish reading our blog posts.
How to Add a Reaction Button on Blogger With ShareThis
And actually Blogger itself also provides a reaction button that we can activate on our blog, but the appearance of Blogger's default reaction button is not very attractive and can be said to be just a small box that is less attractive, therefore if you want to use the reaction button you can It's said to be quite cute, you need to replace it with the reaction button from ShareThis .

The Reaction Button for bloggers provided by ShareThis has been used quite a bit by bloggers. Apart from reaction buttons that you can install on your blog or website that you manage, ShareThis also provides a share button widget that you can also install on your blog. And it could be said that sharethis is a platform that is very popular among the blogger scene with very amazing features.

For friends who are interested in trying out how to create and install reaction buttons on blogger posts with ShareThis, you only need to add a little script from ShareThis which you will later have to install in the blog template you use. You can also choose and determine what emojis you will use on your blog.

Installing Reaction Buttons on Blogger With ShareThis

Follow these step to create a reaction button in blogger:
First step: If you don't have a sharethis account, please create an account first via here. At this stage, please fill in the required form such as: email ( for verification ), password and blog URL as shown in the image below, then click Get Started - It's Free. After successfully entering the sharethis dashboard, please click Get Code to verify your blog.
Second step: Please copy the code provided by sharethis and save it before the code </body> or before the code &lt;!--</body>--&gt;
If there is an error when saving the template settings, please add a amp; after the property code.
Here's an example before editing:
<script type="text/javascript" src="//"></script>(code-box)
After editing:
<script type='text/javascript' src='//;product=social-ab' async='async'></script>(code-box)
Please try saving your template settings again.
Third step: Go back to the ShareThis dashboard and please click the Verify button. After that the message We've verified sharethis.js in installed and with this the ShareThis Widget or reaction button is ready to use. To make it more complete, please click the Property Settings menu. Then click the Resend Verification Email button and please check your email to verify your email from ShareThis.
Fourth Step: After you have installed the sharethis script and verified your sharethis account, then all you have to do is activate which button you want to appear on the blog, because we will only use reaction buttons, please click on the Reaction Button menu and select Inline Reaction Button , and activate the button from off to on.
Fifth step: If you have done the steps above, then the final step is to add the HTML Reaction Buttons code to the template after the code <data:post.body/>. If there are several codes in the template you are using <data:post.body/>, please put the Reaction Buttons code after <data:post.body/> the last code or you can also try them one by one.
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>

<div class='sharethis-inline-reaction-buttons'/>

<div class='clear'/>

The final step, please save your template settings. And to see the results, please check your blog post, if the reaction button doesn't appear then please move the code above after the <data:post.body/> other code.

That's the tutorial on How to Create and Install a Reaction Button on Blogger with ShareThis that I can share this time, hopefully it's useful. If you have questions regarding this article, please leave a comment. Good luck and great greetings.

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