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Best Anime Tracking Sites in 2024

Top Five Anime Tracking Sites

Best Anime Tracking Sites in 2024 - Peak Fiction
For anime fans, keeping track of your ever-growing anime watch list can be a challenge. Between seasonal releases, hidden gems, and rewatching old favorites, it's easy to lose sight of where you left off. Thankfully, several fantastic anime tracking sites come to the rescue. These platforms allow you to organize your anime journey, discover new shows, and connect with the wider anime community.

Here are the top five anime tracking sites to elevate your anime experience:

1. MyAnimeList (MAL):
My anime list, Best Anime Tracking Sites in 2024 - Peak Fiction
My anime list
Where do I keep track of animes watched? The OG of anime tracking, MAL boasts a massive user base and a comprehensive database. You can track your watch progress, rate and review shows, and create custom lists. The extensive forums are a treasure trove for discussions, recommendations, and news. MAL also features a helpful recommendation engine based on your ratings and what others with similar tastes have enjoyed.

2. AniList:
Anilist, Best Anime Tracking Sites in 2024 - Peak Fiction
What's better than MyAnimeList? A sleek and modern alternative to MAL, AniList offers a clean interface and a focus on user customization. It allows detailed tracking of your progress, including episode notes, rewatch counts, and even background music you liked. AniList excels in community features, with forums, clubs dedicated to specific genres or shows, and a user-friendly recommendation system.

3. Kitsu:
Kitsu, Best Anime Tracking Sites in 2024 - Peak Fiction
If you prioritize a minimalist aesthetic, Kitsu is your haven. This clutter-free platform focuses on the core functionalities of anime tracking. You can track your watch history, plan your watchlist, and discover new shows based on genre, popularity, and air date. Kitsu integrates seamlessly with streaming services like Crunchyroll and Funimation, allowing you to mark episodes as watched directly from the platform.

4. AniDB:
AniDB, Best Anime Tracking Sites in 2024 - Peak Fiction
What is the best website for anime rating? AniDB reigns supreme. This comprehensive database goes beyond just tracking your watchlist. It delves into detailed information about anime production, staff, music, and even character relationships. AniDB caters to a more hardcore anime fan base and allows users to contribute information to the ever-growing database. 

5. Anime-Planet:
Anime-Planet, Best Anime Tracking Sites in 2024 - Peak Fiction
What is the best anime tracking site? A veteran anime tracking site, Anime-Planet offers a well-rounded experience for both casual and hardcore anime fans. You can track your watch history, create custom lists, and participate in forum discussions. Anime-Planet boasts a robust recommendation system and a unique "clubs" feature, allowing you to connect with other fans who share your interests.

Choosing the Right Anime Tracking Site:

The "best" anime tracking site depends on your individual needs and preferences. Consider these factors when making your choice:
Interface: Do you prefer a minimalist design like Kitsu or a more feature-rich platform like MAL?
Features: Do you prioritize extensive tracking options (AniList) or a strong community focus (MyAnimeList)? 
Data Depth: Are you interested in detailed production information beyond just tracking your watchlist (AniDB)?
Privacy: Is user privacy a major concern? Consider exploring options that don't require extensive personal information.
Integration: Do you want your tracking site to integrate with your streaming service? If so, consider Kitsu.

These anime tracking sites offer more than just keeping track of your watchlist. They provide a platform to connect with fellow anime fans, discover hidden gems, and delve deeper into your anime obsession. So, dive in, explore these fantastic resources, and take your anime journey to the next level!
- Peak Fiction

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