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Spider-Verse Fans Cry "Robbery" as Miyazaki's Film Takes Oscar - Peak Fiction

Moore's Tweet Sparks Debate After Spider-Verse Loses Oscar

The 96th Academy Awards ceremony was a bittersweet night for the animation industry. Hayao Miyazaki's "The Boy and The Heron" soared to victory, claiming the coveted "Best Animated Feature" award. While cheers erupted for the legendary filmmaker and Studio Ghibli, a different sentiment arose from the "Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse" camp. 
Spider-Verse Fans Cry "Robbery" as Miyazaki's Film Takes Oscar - Peak Fiction
Shameik Moore, who voices protagonist Miles Morales in the Spider-Verse films, took to Twitter shortly after the announcement. His one-word tweet, "robbed" sparked a firestorm of debate. Many fans interpreted it as a sour reaction to the loss, labeling Moore a "sore loser" and questioning his professionalism.
Spider-Verse Fans Cry "Robbery" as Miyazaki's Film Takes Oscar - Peak Fiction
On X (Twitter)
Moore attempted to quell the flames with a follow-up tweet, attempting to strike a balance between acknowledging the disappointment and highlighting the impact of Spider-Verse: 
"Respect to the winners. It's true, I'm definitely a sore loser, but we didn't lose. Spiderverse has impacted a lot of lives, we may not have been acknowledged tonight but life goes on, and BEYOND….. yea get ready."
The contrasting reactions from Moore and Spider-Verse producer/screenwriter Christopher Miller showcased the range of emotions within the animation community. Miller, taking to a social media platform X displayed grace in defeat, stating,
"Well, if you're gonna lose, might as well lose to the GOAT"
This year's "Best Animated Feature" category boasted a diverse selection of nominees. "Nimona" "Robot Dreams" and Disney/Pixar's "Elemental" all vied for the golden statue, but it was ultimately "The Boy and The Heron" that emerged triumphant. This marks the second Oscar win for Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli, following the immense success of "Spirited Away" in 2001.

About The Boy and The Heron:

Spider-Verse Fans Cry "Robbery" as Miyazaki's Film Takes Oscar - Peak Fiction
The Boy and The Heron
Released in 2023, "The Boy and The Heron" delves into the fantastical and deeply personal. The film follows Mahito, a young boy yearning to reconnect with his deceased mother. His journey takes him to a realm where the living and the dead co-exist, offering a poignant exploration of loss and the enduring power of love. The English dub boasts an impressive cast, including Robert Pattinson, Florence Pugh, Willem Dafoe, Dave Bautista, and Christian Bale.

While the night may have ended with a different film taking center stage, the animation industry continues to push boundaries and captivate audiences worldwide. The debate surrounding the "Best Animated Feature" award sparks a conversation about artistic merit, audience reception, and the ever-evolving landscape of animation. Whether celebrating Miyazaki's legacy or acknowledging the impact of Spider-Verse, one thing remains certain: animation continues to be a powerful and ever-growing force in the world of cinema. 

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