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Top 5 most powerful Weapons in DC Comics universe

Top 5 Most Powerful Weapons in DC Comics

Top 5 most powerful Weapons in DC Comics universe - Peak Fiction

Hey Everyone. Welcome to Peak Fiction. We are thinking of a new segment which is Top 5 weapons of Marvel and DC universe. This is the first post of this segment and in this post we will look into the top 5 powerful weapons of DC universe that can give the holder a lot of power and cause massive destruction.


Top 5 most powerful Weapons in DC Comics universe - Peak Fiction
Sword of Superman
Created in the direct aftermath of the big bang, the Sword of Superman is a massive, semi-sentient cosmic blade. Despite being created eons before Clark Kent was born, it conveniently had an ‘S’ shape on the pommel, hence the name. After hurtling around the universe for the better part of existence before it fell into the hands of pre-Crisis Superman.
As soon as he touched it, he gained near omnipotence and omniscience, making him even more of a literal god than pre-Crisis Superman already was. Because he’s Superman and ironically rejects the notion of being overpowered entirely, he hurled the sword back into space. This mighty weapon ranks so low on this list because it was later revealed that only Superman could possibly wield it.


Top 5 most powerful Weapons in DC Comics universe - Peak Fiction
The Spear of Destiny
The weapon used by a Roman soldier to pierce the side of Christ during the crucifixion, the Spear of Destiny first appeared in the DC universe in the hands of Adolf Hitler. The Fuhrer used it to turn any superheroes in his presence into Nazified versions of themselves.
Though he eventually lost control of it in a battle with the Justice Society of America, Hitler cursed the spear to corrupt whoever used it. It’s been used a few times since then, demonstrating its status as a powerful magic artifact. Unfortunately, it often can have very random effects and has the whole curse thing about it.


Top 5 most powerful Weapons in DC Comics universe - Peak Fiction
The Astro Harness
The signature tool of New God Orion, the Astro-Harness is mysterious battle-gear that allows its wearer to fly, shoot powerful blasts of astro-force, project force field barriers that can absorb kinetic energy for fuel, use gravity manipulation to create tractor beams, and can even interface with Orion’s Mother Box to project Boom Tubes and hack computers.
It is also programmable and self-repairing, letting it operate remotely for brief periods without Orion’s help. While wearing it, Orion’s already formidable strength is amplified to an unknown degree but could potentially be limitless.
Unfortunately, while it’s never been outwardly stated, it’s highly believed that only Orion can possibly handle the Harness’s power.


Top 5 most powerful Weapons in DC Comics universe - Peak Fiction
The Lasso of Truth
The signature weapon of Wonder Woman, the gilded Lasso of Truth, also called the Perfect, was forged by the Greek god Hephaestus. Like most of his crafts, the Lasso is unbreakable and has a number of magical properties. It can seemingly extend to any length, is immune to most forms of counter magic, and even has some limited hypnotism powers.
Most famously, anyone tied up in the lasso is automatically compelled to tell and experience the truth, making it invaluable for interrogation. In the right, practiced hands, the Lasso can be used for any number of offensive and defensive maneuvers.


Top 5 most powerful Weapons in DC Comics universe - Peak Fiction
Justice Buster
As the only out-and-out human in the Justice League and arguably the most prominent human character in the entire DC Universe, Batman’s main challenge is keeping up with his superpowered contemporaries. But for that, he has the Justice Buster armor. Specifically designed to take on the entire Justice League at once, the armor turns Batman into a one-man wrecking machine with specific counter measures for each individual Leaguer.

Among its more impressive add-ons are dwarf-star studded fisticuffs, a neurotoxin spray, a dehydrating foam cannon, and even a legendary artifact called the Bind of Veils just to deal with Wonder Woman’s Lasso.

So these were some of the top weapons used in DC comics in various issues. Subscribe us to get the sequence of this post.

Credit - Harry Gross
- Peak Fiction

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