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List of One Piece fillers

The One Piece anime has never been devoid of one piece filler episodes, despite being such a vastly popular show. These episodes are characterized as basically not coming from the original manga and are usually thrown in just to give the manga more space to move. A few fans enjoy them for extra content and character development, while most of them think they are just a nuisance in the way of the main story. Below is a look at some of the filler episodes in One Piece and their impact on the series.

Filler episodes are, at their basic, extra content that just does not go along with the storyline initially thought up by Eiichiro Oda in his manga. These episodes have served multiple functions, such as giving the manga some time to breathe, providing more backstories to characters, or just infusing in light-hearted content so that it does not become too intense during some story arcs. So you can just watch this filler content or just ignore these its up to you.

one piece filler list

Anime filler guide One Piece filler episodes

1. Warship Island Arc. 

One of the arcs in the story depicts the events where the Straw Hat Pirates help a girl by the name Apis and her dragon in their efforts to escape from the custody of the Marines. In a linear narrational sense they are not very significant to the progression of the plot but do present some very cute character interaction and some stupid adventures in between. 

2. Post-Alabasta Arc (Episodes 131-135)

Subsequent to a first and main conflict with the convenience store people of Alabasta the series traces a multiple one shot episode depicting the important character Straw Hats. It has some humor and can reveal some aspects of the characters but it does not serve as a link to the main show of the anime series.

3. Goat Island Arc

Another medium-sized portion of the plot is termed as Goat Island Arc which comprises episode number 136-138. The crew comes on a land where only a mad man and goats are seen to be living there. These episodes are rather unimpressive if a viewer is judged towards simply following the typical plot schemes and it is just as possible to watch just as many episodes and follow the program without including these episodes. 

4. Ruluka Island Arc

The Ruluka Island Arc can be episodes 139 through 143 and is the one that leads to the fictional place of Ruluka Island. On their way through the sea, the Straw Hats come across one island where the ruler starts to mistreat the island people. Unlike Goat Island arc, knowledge of which is not essential to understand the plot that runs throughout the entire series, Ruluka Island Arc has a far more significant role. 

From now on lets minimize the main thing in points so that you guys can have better idea on filler episode list one piece.

5. G-8 Arc (Episodes 196-206) 

  • It mistakenly ends up in a Marine base after the Skypiea arc episode. 
  • Often regarded as one of the better filler arcs mainly because of the interest that the plot holds and the interactions that characters have in this arc. 

6. Ocean’s Dream Arc (Episodes 220-224) 

  • An alien enters their spaceship and amnesia is something that the crew suffers. 
  • This arc is rather different but does not contain profound influence on the series events. 

7. Foxy’s Return Arc (Episodes 225-226)

  • The Foxy Pirates’ appearance in a brief and rather separate story. 
  • It’s also possible to skip these episodes if one so wishes. 

8. Ice Hunter Arc (Episodes 326 to 335) 

  • Gol. D. Roger’s Straw Hats compete against Monkey D. Luffy’s Phoenix Pirates and a pack of bounty hunters. 
  • Ultimately it may not be the most essential viewing, but there’s some fun to be had in the action scenes. 

9. Spa Island Arc (Episodes 382-384) 

  • Being a fun and comic arc, the crew goes to a fancy spa. 
  • One of those episodes you don’t have to watch because it hardly brings any substantial contribution to the plot. 

10. Little East Blue Arc Part 3 (Episodes 426-429) 

  • Serves as a prelude to the One Piece Film: Strong World.
  • Entertaining for the film buffs but not vital to understanding the anime’s primary storyline. 

11. Z’s Ambition Arc (Episodes 575-578) 

  • Ties into One Piece Film: Z
  • If seen as providing context for the movie it is useful; however, as a contribution to the series the viewer can do without it. 

12. Quincy Medical Arc (Episodes 211-214) 

  • These are episodes which are aired between two arcs, although the storyline presented in them may not always be related to the major arcs. 
  • contributes nothing to the plot of the show. 

13. Silver Mine Arc (Episodes 747-750) 

14. Marine Rookie Arc (Episodes 780-782) 

  •  In general, they are episodes devoted to the crew’s relations with new Marines of the new enlistment. 
  •  Useful but is not a priority and can be nice to have in your spare time.

Effects of Filler Episodes 

The reception to the one piece filler episode list is rather divided among the fans of One Piece. Some like the bonus scenes and an opportunity to watch more of the heroes in other situations. Some people, though, do not consider such moments necessary and would rather follow the plot of a movie or a series. 

Of course, there are some pros as well, for example, filler episodes can be an opportunity for the manga’s advancement to slow down. That can help avoid a situation when anime adaptation gets ahead of manga, which in turn requires a hiatus for the latter or even more initial filler episodes. To help them make a decision we made a one piece anime filler list that can be dubbed as fillers for new comers or those who decided to watch series once again. Some of the most appreciated filler arcs are the G-8 Arc, and some fans suggest watching at least some of the recognized better filler arcs as they add nice episodes to the series. 


As One Piece fans can attest, their much loved manga may contain impressive filler episodes that are not always a hit among the audiences. They add to the plot some extra experiences, the deepening of the character profiles, as well as moments of laughter in the most serious circumstances. Regardless of whether it is necessary to view or avoid them, filler episodes are a part of the One Piece process adding to the vastness of the series’ environment.

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